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Toji (Sake production workers) produce each unique Sake with Sake Rice, Water, Koji Mold, and Sake Yeast. 
Yamada Nishiki

Yamada Nishiki originates from Hyogo and is the highest quality sake rice in Japan. It is called "the King of Sake Rice." 
Hyogo is responsible for 60% of the total production of Yamada Nishiki. Even famous sake breweries outside of Hyogo use Yamada Nishiki.

Yamada Nishiki creates a beautiful, rich, and soft flavor.  Yamada Nishiki from the Special-A District of Hyogo is praised as the best Sake rice.

Pure Water

Water accounts for about 80% of the ingredients in sake production. So, water plays a very important role in brewing Sake.

The hardness of water represents the total content of magnesium and calcium. Hard water activates alcohol fermentation to create a dry taste that is less sweet. Soft water slows alcohol fermentation to create a sweet taste.

Since the Edo period, Nada Sake in Hyogo has been recognized for its high quality hard water.

Niwata Shrine in Shiso city. The oldest sake shrine and the origin place of sake.

Koji Mold

Yellow Koji mold is usually used for sake brewing. Koji mold is necessary for sake production because it produces various enzymes which decompose the starch in rice into saccharides and add nutrients and flavor.

​Sake Yeast

Sake yeast is essential in sake brewing, because it works to convert sugars into alcohol and carbonic acid gas.

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